Seeds of Regrowth – Shasta County Wildfire Recovery Effort


Graphic created by artist Jefferson Thomas

Press Release

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Community Programming

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Children + Youth Art Process Workshop
California Street Labs – Redding, CA
March 9, 10-1p

Artists & Community Art Workshop (Adults)
Shasta County Arts Council
April 20, 10-1p

AFTA Creative Salon
AFTA Artists & Community
Shasta County Arts Council
Redding, CA
June 1st, 10-1p

AFTA Interactive Art Installation
Sundial Music Festival
Redding, CA
June 21

AFTA Creative Salon
AFTA Artists & Community
Private Artist Studio

Redding, CA
July 13, 10-1p

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Supporting Restoration Efforts:
Whiskeytown National Recreation Area


ART from the ashes Seeds of Regrowth 2018 – 2020

ART from the ashes’ Seeds of Regrowth exhibition and community programming is planned for October 12th – November 15th in Redding, CA. Exhibition and programming will take place at Shasta County Arts Council-Old City Hall, California Street Labs and Sherven Square.

Seeds of Regrowth will feature unique works of art from over 60 California based artists with a majority from Shasta County. Included in this diverse collective are professionals in the U.S. Forest Service, North Zone Fire Cache, Bureau of Land Management and UC Agricultural & Natural Resources Division. All works and installations will incorporate or be inspired by materials reclaimed from fire site locations. By integrating site-specific materials and imagery into the artistic process, these works symbolize resilience, renewal and embody the transformative power of art.

In partnership with community organizations and volunteers, including artists, art therapists and ecologists, ART from the ashes (AFTA) has developed a series of art process workshops and artist salons during 2019; and participated in the Sundial Music Festival with “Lifecycle”, an interactive art installation that symbolizes transformation, transition and renewal.

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The AFTA Seeds of Regrowth art exhibition will include community engagement programming, artist demonstrations, lectures and panel discussions that integrate art, community and ecology. Proceeds from the exhibition will support restoration efforts at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, a touchstone for the resident community and visitors to the region.

“While the park, surrounding lands, staff and local communities suffered immense loss in the aftermath of the Carr Fire, we are making daily strides in the reopening of key destinations within Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. The National Park Service welcomes the opportunity to partner with ART from the ashes to further engage the community and come together to support the regeneration of trails and open space within the park. Their mission of using a creative platform to connect art, community and ecology aligns with our commitment to providing a memorable recreation experience,” Josh Hoines, Superintendent Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.


ART from the ashes Seeds of Regrowth 2018 – 2020   
Phase 1:
Regional volunteer team, site approvals & materials, transport & storage. Community, artist, resource outreach – local, regional statewide, establishment of initial partners
Phase 2:
Community Programming – art process workshops & AFTA artist salons
AFTA presence at Vision 20/20: A Fire Resilient California, Sundial Music Festival
Phase 3:
Community Programming – AFTA art exhibition, creative workshops, arts & ecology panel discussions, lectures, live performance
Phase 4: 
Community Programming continues with Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Community Partners: