AFTA Benefit Programming



The catalyst for ART from the ashes (AFTA) relief effort programming is the desire to provide a cathartic avenue of support to communities impacted by natural disaster.

As artists, we turn to the transformative power of art to connect, heal and inspire. Our relief efforts begin by working with the creative and extended community to establish a connection and vision for their recovery effort. The initial stages include reclaiming materials from wildfire or disaster site locations and distributing items to artists.

Twisted metal, melted glass, ash, charred wood and found objects are transformed into works of art and curated in a large scale benefit exhibition for the community. The exhibition space during the run of the show becomes a place for the community to come together extending its impact through additional programming including live music, performance art, artist talks/demos and community panel discussions.

Based in Southern California, our benefit exhibitions and community programming primarily focus on wildfire relief efforts as this force of nature and its destruction is ever present in given environmental conditions in California. However, past efforts include Texas to initiate a traveling wildfire relief exhibition and, given that mother nature’s force navigates AFTA’s creative vision, answered the call to initiate efforts in the aftermath of the Tohoku, Japan earthquake and tsunami and on the eastern seaboard following Hurricane Sandy.