AFTA Benefit Programming



“There is nothing left.”  Gutting words heard after wildfire. Working with the creative community we connect to create something from “the nothing”, in quite the literal sense. Reclaimed materials from fire site locations serve as the catalyst for the creation of art. Twisted metal, glass, ash, wood, charcoal, hardware and found objects are transformed into one-of-a-kind works of art through each artist’s unique creative vision. They capture a story, these works chronicle a specific time, place and spirit of community. The art and creative process mirror the transformation the people and land undergo as they come together, rebuild and thrive.

AFTA works in tandem with a cross-section of the community to formulate the type of arts programming that will resonate. This can manifest in the form of temporary or permanent public art , site specific installations, art exhibitions or series of programming. The goal is to bring the community together, encourage visitors to the return to the community and through the sale of artwork fundraise provide resource to aid in the recovery process.   Programming is accomplished by assembling an enthusiastic and dedicated cross-section of artists, organizations, volunteers, sponsors and supporters who donate time, talent and resources to bring each vision to life. We facilitate the gathering of materials, storage and distribution to artists who wish to contribute their time and talent.  We interact with the community to formulate the ideal scope of arts programming and assist with outreach, managing, producing and marketing the relief effort.

Based in Southern CA, arts programming focuses on wildfire relief efforts as its outbreak and destruction is an ever present threat in our state.   Additionally, AFTA has answered calls to action outside of our home state to initiate a traveling exhibition for Texas wildfire relief, devastation from the Tohoku, Japan earthquake and tsunami and on the eastern seaboard following Hurricane Sandy.

To date 1000+ works of art have been created from “the nothing.” Countless numbers of volunteers and contributors have come together to make difference under a creative umbrella.  Communities devastated by wildfire have experienced the catharsis of art and its ability to lift the spirit, connect, and inspire one another. 

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau