About Us



AFTA’s team is a collective of creative professionals who offer their time and talent to be a positive influence in their community.

Jake Baloian, Jen Baloian, Stacy Conde, Shannon Curfman, Jesus Diego, Michael Kurtz, Joy Feuer, Roland Feuer, Daniel Flannery, Jimmy Fusil, Jaimie Gonzales, John Matthews, Amanda Overton, Rhonda Rodriguez, Nina Savill

Board of Directors


ART from the ashes (AFTA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit arts organization who champions art as an avenue to bring community together. The organization’s creative vision is rooted in the environment and its infinite transformation.

Inspired by the transformative properties of art and based in Southern CA, AFTA was established in 2007 as a supportive avenue to communities devastated by wildfire. In the spirit of its founding principles “Support. Inspire. Create. Renew.” the organization initiates temporary art exhibitions to aid in community recovery. Working together with local and regional artists aligned with each community, reclaimed materials are salvaged from fire site locations. Through the vision of AFTA and each artist collective the materials are transformed into one of a kind works of art, providing the framework for benefit exhibitions. As the connection to AFTA’s creative approach grew, the organization broadened its scope to curate and produce arts initiatives outside of ART from the ashes cause related efforts as AFTA Productions.

Since its inception AFTA has orchestrated numerous large scale exhibitions from concept to implementation, including a traveling exhibition, as well as initiated public art commissions, installations and community programming. Woven in the fabric each endeavor is the desire to promote artists and share their creative process.

With expertise in fine arts, sustainable design, live performance, set & show design, engineering, fabrication, curation, promotion, publicity and marketing, AFTA has the capability to handle all aspects of arts programming, temporary & permanent installations and special events. Through its partnership, client and artist contacts AFTA has access to a broad sector of the creative community.