• Seeds of Regrowth - Shasta County Wildfire Support Effort

    Art from the ashes is partnering with regional artists, residents and organizations throughout Shasta County
    to support the recovery and renewal in the aftermath of 2018 wildfires.

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ART from the ashes (AFTA) was created during the California wildfire season of 2007 which saw over 9,000 separate wildfires burn over 1.5 million acres of land. Native Angeleno Joy Feuer heard an NPR story about a firefighter’s experience in the face of a blaze. When asked about the sound of the flames, he said, “The sounds associated with it: the crackling, the popping, the burning, the things falling over in the night. I was taken aback by the strange beauty of it.” Moved by this sentiment, Joy founded ART from the ashes and soon thereafter AFTA initiated its first benefit exhibition in partnership with Cisco Home in Pasadena, CA.

AFTA was developed to lend support in the aftermath of a wildfire, in the belief that art can be used as a catalyst to bring communities together. It is our intent to offer relief not only in the form of fundraising from a benefit exhibition, but also through experience of the art itself. Materials reclaimed from wildfire site locations serve as artists’ inspiration for creation of art pieces. Twisted metal, glass, ash, wood, charcoal, and found objects become the medium. The resulting works chronicle a specific time, place and spirit of the community. The creative process mirrors the transformation of the people and the land as they come together, rebuild and thrive. Our operating principles of “Support. Inspire. Create. Renew.” were established to give context to this work.

Since our start in 2007, we have conceived, produced and executed an extensive platform of arts programming including permanent and temporary public art, environmental installations, eleven benefit exhibitions and community engagement events. As the connection to AFTA’s creative approach evolved, AFTA Productions was launched to provide client curation services and public art commission, and artist collaboration projects outside of ART from the ashes’ benefit programming.

Our work finds its inspiration from the natural environment, ecology, art of transformation and integrates the use of salvaged materials.

The process begins with the reclaimed fire site materials for each initiative. With permission from and in partnership with our site partners, we gather the materials that will be transfigured into art. AFTA’s curatorial approach continues the connection to a “sense of place” incorporating the use of recovered elements in our exhibit and installation build-outs where ever possible. From a “forest” created with 24 ft lengths of reclaimed Loblolly Pines in our Austin, Texas exhibition space, to the 1000 lbs of salvaged glass “water” feature and gallery of “looking glass” window panes in our Glendale, CA show, we see the possibilities in just about any material that comes our way.

Our collective of participating artists are our family. They hail from many different places and we always incorporate the regional creative community. Potters, painters, sculptors, metal smiths, woodworkers, printmakers, photographers, and mixed media visionaries create stunning art that shake us to our core. Their commitment over the years has been remarkable. We couldn’t do this work without them.

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